Enforcement Protocol

Enforcement Protocol
Guard Rules & Guard Enforcement Protocol
The primary job of every guard is to protect and help the players. Guards will protect all players to the best of their ability, just because these rules are public knowledge, does not make anyone an expert on them. Guards will use their best judgment when making decisions. To keep your status as a guard, you are expected to follow the rules outlined below:

  • A guard must witness the crime in order to punish a player.
  • PvP is not allowed and the guard will protect the prisoner being attacked. If the guard cannot determine the attacker, then all of those involved will be punished.
  • If a guard is killed by a prisoner, then all previous crimes are reset.
  • During Riots (when there are 2 more hostile prisoners then there are guards i.e. 1v3 2v4 3v5) countdowns are not necessary.
  • If a player is caught with contraband (Weapons, Armor other than leather, etc...) a guard will count them down using the /c command, the player should make an effort to throw the contraband to the guard. If the player refuses, runs away, or attacks the guard, then the countdown is canceled and the proper punishment may be applied.
  • Guards may not use harmful potions or harmful potion arrows on prisoners for any reason.
  • If you are applying for a guard position, include the word "Cranberry" in it somewhere to verify that you have read these rules.
  • Guards cannot sell or give contraband to prisoners, however they can buy it from prisoners.
  • Guards may not enforce Prison rules in the sewers or in the nether, but they may defend themselves if attacked.
  • Guards cannot enforce prison rules in the Wish-Store.
  • Patrol-Guards and others cannot jail for Trainee-Guards unless they see the crime themselves.
  • Guards May kill (or jail if in safezone) prisoners without a countdown if the prisoner is seen intentionally looting dropped contraband.
  • Guards May jail prisoners (or kill, if the guard is a TG) without a countdown if the prisoner is seen intentionally throwing contraband into hoppers/to other players/into piles of other items.
  • Guards may jail prisoners who have been camping another prisoner for 5 minutes. In severe cases a warning for harassment may be given.
  • Guards may jail a player who teleports away after they have started a countdown or witnessed a crime.
  • Guards MUST be in a PvP zone to count someone for a PvP crime (hitting a guard or prisoner).
  • A guard may count while in a safe zone for a contraband crime but ONLY if the prisoner is also in a safe zone.
  • Guards cannot store contraband in plots or cells that a prisoner can access.
  • Guards may jail prisoners who inventory spam if they believe it was intentional.
  • Players can be jailed for excessive PvP if they are killed by a guard 3 times within 5 minutes. The guard will issue an excessive PvP warning after the 3rd death, and the player will be jailed if they choose to attack and die to the guard within 5 minutes of the excessive PvP warning being issued. To give an excessive PvP warning/jail for excessive PvP the guard must witness each death. Suiciding to avoid death by guard or dying to another prisoner during a fight involving the guard will also count towards any excessive PvP warnings.
  • Guards may jail prisoners for storing without a countdown.
  • If a prisoner goes into a plot they may be jailed without a countdown for storing.
  • If a prisoner goes somewhere a guard cannot easily reach, such as a plot, the black market, or the overlook in c1, c2 and c3, then they may be called “out” and will be jailed if if they do not comply.
  • If a prisoner goes into a safezone after having been previously called out, then the guard should say “out” in chat and then jail or kill depending on what the prisoner does.
  • If a guard has started a count on a player and they then open a chest the count is considered finished and they may be killed if in a PvP zone or jailed if in a safe zone.
  • An “Armor Riot” occurs when the ratio of armored prisoners to available guards is 3:1 (i.e. 3v1 6v2 9v3). When this occurs the guards may safezone and issue a riot order using /riot, the prisoners will then have 5 seconds to dearmour. If the number of prisoners in armor still exceeds the 3:1 ratio, then the guards may jail all armoured prisoners. If the number of prisoners in armor no longer exceeds the 3:1 ratio, then the guards should engage the remaining prisoners. When the armor riot is over guards should end the riot with /unriot.
  • Guards may NEVER store any part of their kit.
  • If a player is counted for an item, such as a drug or harmful potion, and they consume/use said item, then the count is considered over and they will be killed/jailed depending on whether or not they are in a PvP zone.
  • Guards may not AFK for salary, if they are caught doing so they will be demoted/fired.

Note #1: Punishments can vary between killing and jailing.
Note #2: Excess in any kind is also punishable, like excessive PvP, illegal stuff spam, following and annoying the guards, forcing countdowns, etc.
Note #3:
The guards can use their own discretion to solve any kind of problem in the prison. However, they must bear in mind that the purpose of their job is to protect prisoners, not persecute them.

*Items that are contraband include but are not limited to: All types of arrows, Bows, Tridents, Swords, Any non leather armor, Harmful Potions of any type, drugs; Sugar (cocaine).

Last Updated: May 17, 2020