Allium Prison Rules

Allium Prison Rules
Server Rules:
These are rules that help keep our server running properly. If you are caught breaking them, you may be banned from using the server outright.

Be Nice
Do not say or do anything to make other players upset. Discrimination, trolling, provoking, and harassing players in any manner is not allowed on the server at all. This rule also encompasses trying to kill players in Non-PvP or repeatedly targeting the same player.

No Cheating
Cheating in any way is not allowed. Cheating is anything that would give you an unfair advantage over other players, such as using hacks, using multiple accounts to vote every day, abusing bugs/glitches, and anything that can be considered an unfair advantage.

No griefing.
Don't destroy or take items that are not yours.

Do not scam other players.
Scamming is taking money, items, work, or anything from a player through dishonest means. This includes attempting to impersonate staff members on the server.

No Spam.
Don't fill chat with multiple unneeded characters or phrases. This includes spamming commands at players (i.e /money pay). This rule also encompasses sharing links in chat, which is not allowed unless the links directly relate to the server. Additionally, you may not share any personal information in chat.

Plot and region build guidelines:
  • Plots may not contain inappropriate builds or imagery
  • Areas rented in any market region cannot be used for storage.
  • Plots may not be built with the intent to trap or kill players.
  • Plots cannot contain a large amount of redstone, signs, heads, item frames, or paintings.
Persona Non Grata:
Persona Non Grata is a Latin term which can generally be defined as an unwelcome or unwanted person. At Allium Prison, we have the right to declare that any person is Persona Non Grata at anytime without explanation. A person we declare Persona Non Grata is considered to be unwelcome by the entire Allium Prison community and will be permanently banned from the server. Only players who are the "owner" rank may invoke Persona Non Grata on a player, and may do so entirely at their own discretion. We have the ultimate power and final say on who shall be allowed to play on our server and who shall not.

NB: Please keep in mind, our rules exist to maintain a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere on the server. By playing on our server you agree to follow these rules and guidelines. The rules may change at any time with or without notice. This list does not constitute the full set of rules, and our Mods and Staff members may give warnings/take action on misbehavior and violations that are not explicitly listed above. Repeated offenses after a warning from a Mod or Staff member in this server may result in a ban from the server. At all times, use common sense and good judgment for any action you're about to take. These rules may also be applicable to our server Discord and Website.
Updated 28 May 2021

Prison Rules (Not bannable)
Prison guards may enforce these rules. If you are found to be in violation, a guard may put you in a jail cell for three minutes or even kill you.
  • No weapons or armor: These include swords, bows and arrows and all armor types except leather.
  • No harmful potions: These include Slowness and Poison potions. (Other potions are allowed, such as Fire Resistance or Swiftness)
  • No fights (PvP): PvP is allowed on the server, and is active in many areas. Although if you are caught PvPing by a guard, they will punish the attacker to protect the victim. If the attacker cannot be determined, both will be punished.
  • No selling or displaying contraband in player shops or plots outside of the Black Market
  • No Drugs: Drugs are Cocaine (sugar), and Shrooms (Enchanted Brown Mushroom)

You can view our guard protocol HERE

Updated: September 2, 2021