Comprehensive explanation of gangs, gang ranks, permissions, and fights

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Mar 20, 2020
What are gangs?
On Allium Prison, we have a feature that adds "Gangs" to the roleplay environment. You can think of gangs basically as factions inside of the prison, although, gangs can't claim land like a faction would be able to. It costs $50,000 to create a gang, and you get some pretty cool features when you are in one. Here's a quick rundown of all of the features gangs have:
  • Shared gang home that all members can warp to
  • Shared gang bank account
  • Optional friendly fire with other gang members
  • Private gang chat channel
  • Gang and player statistics such as K/D ratio, fights won, etc..
  • Ability to fight other gangs and wager money on the outcome with the gang fight system
  • Ability to "enemy" other gangs
So, what are gang fights?
Gang fights are pretty simple. You can challenge a gang to a fight, and if they accept members in both gangs will have the option to join in on the fight. If you join in on the fight, you will be teleported to the fight arena in the Blackmarket. Additionally, when you challenge a gang to a fight, you can choose an amount of money from the shared gang bank account to wager on the outcome. You must wager at least $100 from the gang account on any fight.

What about gang ranks?
Each gang has 5 ranks: Prospect, Soldier, Enforcer, Underboss, and Boss. Each rank has different permissions of what they can do in the gang which I will go over below.

  • Prospect: Deposit money, take part in fights.​
  • Soldier: Teleport to the gang home​
  • Enforcer: Invite members to the gang​
  • Underboss: Sethome, delhome, toggle friendlyfire, accept fight challenges, and withdraw money.​
  • Boss: Kick members, promote members, and demote members.​
What are gang levels?
Gang levels are how you unlock being able to have more members in your gang. You need to level up your gang if you want more members than the default maximum amount. You can level up with the money from your gang bank account.
  • Level 1 (default) - 6 members​
  • Level 2 $20k - 9 members​
  • Level 3 $40k - 14 members​
And what are all of the gang commands?

You can view all of the gang commands with /gang help in-game. Here is a list on here too though.

  • /gang create - Create a gang
  • /gang disband - disband a gang
  • /gang invite - Invite a player to a gang
  • /gang join - Accept a gang invite
  • /gang leave - Leave a gang
  • /gang kick - Remove a member from a gang
  • /gang promote - Promote member in the gang
  • /gang demote - Demote member in the gang
  • /gang leader - Transfer gang leadership
  • /gang deposit - Put money in the gang bank account
  • /gang withdraw - Take money from the gang bank account
  • /gang player - Show gang information about a player
  • /gang neutral/ally - Set a gang as an ally or neutral.
  • /gang friendlyfire - Toggle friendly fire in a gang.
  • /gc - Toggle gang chat on or off, or you can type /gc <message> instead of toggling it completely.
  • /gang info [gang name] - View gang info.
  • /fight challenge <players amount> <money> <gang> - Challenge other gang to a fight.
  • /fight accept <gang that challenged you> - Accept a fight
  • /fight join - Join the fight your gang is in
  • /fight leave - Leave the fight your gang is in
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